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1955 Chevy 1/2 ton Stepside

Hoveland, Harland
From McFarland WI
Harland Hoveland sent us some pictures of his truck. He writes: "I have used your bed parts and am very happy with the fit and finish. The truck... is a 55 Chevy stepside 1/2 ton. This is my 5th restore and I have to show you pictures of the bed. The polished aluminum tank is mounted under the rear of the bed, so instead of drilling a hole through the wood I made the whole bed lift up to fill up. I also wanted to show off the rest of the under frame and rear end as long as I did the frame up restore. Your bed parts all fit great right out of the box. The bed sides, front panel, tail gate are so nice to prep for paint when they are new. It is the only way for me to go for now on because you save all that time and end up with a better finish. The bed wood and stainless is just as nice as the rest of the parts. It is a good thing to put the bed together before you paint and finish anything so you can make any modifications before you finalize the install. On the wood I put a Pratt and Lambert teak stain, then five coats of their Spar Varnish with sanding with 1200 paper before each coat. The piano hinge I had made for me was stainless and the rest is supported underneath with heavy metal. The structure is held up with Strong Arms on both sides. You lift is 3 inches and up it goes. It is held down with the offset pressure of the Strong Arms after center when closed. Thanks for a great product."

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