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1957 Chevrolet Long Stepside

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Scott
From Duncan OK
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Scott, of Duncan, OK mailed us pictures of their truck. He writes, “I have been most pleased with (your products) and they live up to the name of QUALITY PARTS! Two of the biggest purchases I have made: an oak wood bed with stainless strips and a Chevrolet pickup tailgate. Your products have enhanced the looks of my 1957 Chevrolet long bed pickup. My wife and I enter several car shows through the year and our favorite story, which just happened last weekend is as follows. Not only do individuals compliment me as I am standing by the truck on how beautiful the bed is, but we had our chairs several yards away from our truck. There were several pickups lined up together. A group of individuals were going from one pickup bed to the next critiquing the restored wood beds. After inspecting each one they came back to our truck and were stating how that wood bed was the best looking bed out of them all. We just sat in our lawn chairs listening to them go on and on about it with great satisfactional smiles on our faces!”

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