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1955 Chevy Long Bed Big Rear Window

Scott Chynoweth
From Manitowoc WI
55 Chevy Long Bed Big Rear Window

Scott Chynoweth of Manitowoc, WI emailed us pictures of his truck. “The bed consists of your bed sides, front bed panel, tailgate without script, rear cross sill, and bed strips. The truck is a 1955, 3200 ,long bed big rear window. I was very pleased with the fit and quality of the bed parts. I was able to clean,prep and paint the entire bed in 1 weekend. On a side note I had contacted customer support about an issue with a warp in the front bed panel, but your support team was correct that when bolted together, it will flatten out and it did. I have had positive compliments at shows about the bed on my truck,and I have strongly recomened your parts to them.”

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