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1931 Chevy Short Stepside

Kneisley, Ralph
From Inman SC
Ralph Kneisley sent us some photos of his 1931 Chevy Short Step.

He writes: "I purchased bed strip and cross sill steel from Mar-K... The items purchased fit well and needed only minor fabrication. I was very pleased with the outcome of the parts.

The truck is a ½ ton 1931 Chevy and was purchased August 2006 in St Paul Minnesota and shipped to Spartanburg SC. The wood was replaced in the cab and repainted red and black. The original color was blue and black. The truck is original except for the tail gate, mirror bracket and upholstery. It was difficult to find original specifications as to how the truck looked when it was new. The truck still needs minor adjustments to the brakes but it runs and drives great."

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