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1966 Chevy Long Fleetside

Heiner, Doug
From Plesant View UT
Doug Heiner sent us a few pictures of this 1966 Chevy Long Fleetside that he's been working on.

He writes: "I purchased from Mar-K and installed hidden latches on my 66 Chevy Fleetside pickup. Really like the clean look it provides for the tailgate assembly...

"I also purchased the bed strips and bed bolts from Mar-K...

"The '66 was purchased new by my father for $2200. I learned to drive it when I was 11 years old... Its original color was that turquoise green with a white cab... I... gave it to my son to drive thru high school. It was pretty much original with about 72k miles on it up until then. He had mentioned he'd like to replace the white painted grill and bumper with chrome ones and fix it up a bit one day. We had some good times repairing things and fixing it up a little so he could drive it through High School. Shortly thereafter he left to serve a two year mission.... while he was away I started to work on it. One thing lead to another, as they often do with restoration projects, and what started out as just making a few improvements turned into an almost complete restoration.

"The '66 is now valued at about $26k. My son... is anxious for good weather to get back in the Chevy again. I'm sure it will be in the family for another generation or two.

"Thanks for all your help and producing the quality parts and services which went into this project. It really sets it off well."

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