Squarebody Mouldings

Mar-K’s New 1973-80 Squarebody Mouldings
Complete sets with Black or 1977 Anniversary Gold accents for Short Bed, Long Bed and Blazer

Squarebody Mouldings are now available to order online! Short Bed, Long Bed and Blazer Complete Sets for Upper and Lower plus Tailgate mouldings with Black or Gold accent are online NOW. 

• Made of thicker gauge US Aluminum. 
• Resists bending and denting, making installation a breeze.
• Fasteners included for attachment.
• Bright anodized and triple polished.  
• Squarebody Mouldings are made by MAR-K in Oklahoma City, USA!
• Complete upper and  lower sets and tailgate mouldings and individual pieces
• Suburban and Panel available soon.

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