Classic Truck Trailer

Classic Trucks Trailer

MAR-K now manufactures new custom trailers that look just like a Classic GM ’55-’59 or '60-'66  truck bed. Our patent-pending trailers have been created by the same team of engineers who use research and design to make our classic truck beds but with the added space and strength to haul all your stuff. Kits include all the parts you need to make your classic truck trailer including all the metal bed parts, wood bed floor and frame parts. Or order the trailer COMPLETE and we will custom make it for you.

Currently we have a Classic Truck Trailer Kit available in

  • GM 55 2nd - 59 Short Stepside and GM 60 - 66 Short Stepside 
  • Other year series available on request. If you would like information on a trailer in a different truck style please email your year/make/model here. Or call MAR-K today at 405-721-7945 for more information.  

See our trailer in the the Classic Trucks Holiday Gift Guide online now!

Raise Your Wood Floor and Drop Your Bed!

dropbedchevy3.jpg#asset:694MAR-K’s new Raised Floor components are perfect for Drop Beds like the ones made by Art Morrison.  These parts raise your bed floor three inches so the truck frame can be modified for EXTREME LOWERING.  Your truck needs 4 types of parts – the rear sill extension, risers, a smooth front bed panel and angle upgrades – to make your drop bed a thing of beauty!  Add these to your MAR-K metal parts kit when you order. MAR-K custom makes your bed sides with the angle upgrade to save you time and money at the body shop.  Just enter your year, make and model and look for Raised Floor Kit.  It’s that easy!  


Currently we have a Raised Floor Kit available for 

  • GM 55 2nd - 59 Short Stepside
  • Ford 1953-56 Short Flareside - Raised Floor Kit available soon
  • Other year series available on request. If you would like information on a raised floor for a different truck please email your year/make/model here. Or call MAR-K today at 405-721-7945 for more information.  

GM 1947-59 Carpet Sill Plates

GM 1955-9 Carpet Sill Plate

pictured: GM 1955-9 Carpet Sill Plate #100076

This beautiful custom is the finishing touch to your truck floor.
• For 1947-59 GM only, the Carpet Sill Plates are made to fit around the step opening of the cab or hold down the outer edges of your carpet between the seat mounts on the cab floor.
• This trim is stylish and functional, as it holds down the carpet in your cab much like the later models.
• It is made of billet machined aluminum, polished bright.
• Includes stainless steel hardware for attachment to the cab floor.
• Instructions included.
• Made in Oklahoma City, USA by MAR-K.

Part #Category/DescriptionPriceUnit
100076Carpet Sill Plate Front 55-2nd-59 GM$120.00PAIR
100077Carpet Sill Plate Rear 55-59 GM$32.50EACH
100078Carpet Sill Plate 47-54$48.00EACH

Wood Floor Tie-Down

Wood Floor Tie-Down

An aluminum tie-down anchor point for truck beds with a wood floor. 

  • Classic trucks with wood bed floor do not have anchor points for attaching tie-down straps. These polished aluminum sockets are installed in the bed floor at points of your choosing and the included stainless steel eyebolt threads into the aluminum socket providing a sturdy anchor point for tie-down straps. 
  • The eyebolt is easily removed so the floor is smooth when the eyebolt is not needed. 
  • Perfect for holding light loads from moving around in the bed. 
  • Stainless steel hardware for attachment to the wood floor is included. 
  • Installation requires drilling into the wood floor and refinishing the wood as needed. 
  • Complete installation instructions are included. Drill bits for installation may be purchased separately. 
Part #Category/DescriptionPriceUnit
100075Wood Floor Tie-Down$32.00EACH