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Bed Parts Installation

These instructions are general bed assembly instructions.  For instructions specific to your truck, we have Bed Assembly instructions available through our Online Catalog for $10.00 each.  These 5-6 page guides were written by our MAR-K engineers.

Once you have received your bed parts and before painting, assemble all parts to make sure they fit and check hole locations.  (Parts cannot be returned if modified or painted).  Inspect wood as soon as you receive it.  Wood is only guaranteed for 14 days from ship date.  The following instructions are a suggested guide for assembling before painting your bed.  Contact your MAR-K sales representative to order complete assembly instructions for your make and model.

figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 figure 4 figure 5
  1. Lay out all parts in a clean area for installation.
  2. Begin with one bed side and the front bed panel.  Fasten together using the front bed panel mounting bolt kit.  See figure 1.
  3. Attach the other bed side to the front bed panel in the same way.
  4. Next, fit the rear cross sill into the openings in the stake pockets.  Bolt the rear cross sill to the stake pockets with the indented hex head bolts and washers See figure 2>.
  5. Place the two edge boards in their position under the bed side angle and mark the board through the holes.  Drill 3/8" holes in the edge boards at each location.  See figure 3.
  6. Bolt the edge boards and the cross sills to the bed side angles.  Check your original bed for correct placement of sills.  See figure 4.
  7. Install the remaining bed wood boards and bed strips.  Keep the bolts fairly loose to allow for any adjustments.  See figure 5.
  8. Lift the assembled bed onto the truck frame and attach with the bed-to-frame bolts.  Some models require pads and wood blocks under the cross sills.
  9. Attach the tailgate with hinges or trunnions at the base of the tailgate and with the chain assembly or latch at the top of the tailgate.
  10. Attach the fenders to verify the fender mounting holes are aligned with the bed side holes.  If your bed sides do not have fender mounting holes, use the old bed side or a fender as a guide for drilling holes to attach the fenders.
  11. You have now successfully assembled your bed!  This is the time to do any modifications, such as welding or adding any holes for wiring harnesses or taillights.  Now you can take the bed apart and remove all hardware.  Clean and prepare parts for painting.  You'll also want to finish your bed wood.  Final assembly is done in the same sequence with careful procedures to ensure squareness and correct hardware installation.

'86 Chevy Short Step This is what your finished bed from MAR-K can look like!

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